The first thing I would say is that no matter what some sales pages tell you making money online is not easy. If for some reason you have come here thinking I would give you that same false hope, you've found the wrong place. 


Make no mistake friends you are considering creating an online business. I highlighted business because you need to understand what you are getting into. It will be most likely one of the hardest things you have done if you come from the world of jobs. 


I know because for years I have struggled to make money online as well. What I have learned is how little I know and how much I need to learn. My hope in this site is to truly be of help to others. I know damn straight I found little genuine help for me throughout the journey. 


My first piece of advice is simple. Be easy on yourself. You didn’t go to college for this. So just think of your failures and money losses as tuition. With that being said if you have no money to invest in this... Again you are in the wrong place. This will take time, energy and most of all money. 


I plan on digging all of these steps out throughout the site. I made this when I first started. I wanted something raw here so you could look at things squarely as I am now. It’s hard, frustrating and without someone encouraging you along your failures it will most likely be impossible. I know I owe all of my success to my wife. She believed in me even when I didn’t. 


Buckle up. We have lots to learn.

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